Some Tips To Distinguish Genuine Leather From Artificial One
With the latest technology appeared it is more difficult to distinguish leatherette with using “old” ways. Therefore, choosing a bag is not worth to smell it. After all, a new generation of artificial leather, comprising leather crumb, has the smell of leather. Therefore, if you are looking for a bag made of genuine leather, do not rush to buy the first bag you like, but better take a closer look at it. If the bag is really made of natural materials, then it should stand (or hang in the form of tags), the sign of leather – the emblem, which repeats the shape skinning. In all sections of branded handbags are usually carefully hidden inside. But still try to find on the reverse side unclosed section. If you see a fabric base or single thread sticking out in front of you – bag of artificial leather. You can distinguish genuine leather handbag from artificial one, if you put it on the hand. The leather gradually gets warmer, but artificial leather only moisturizes your hand does not give the warmth like the genuine leather.
And another thing: bag made of genuine leather can not be cheap. For example, a small masterpiece of Gucci or Cartier is worth at least a couple of thousand dollars.
If you still want to buy a bag from artificial leather, be prepared that leather can be cracked because of the cold, and it certainly will not benefit your image. On the other hand, you will not wear your bag for ten years!
How to choose a quality bag?
Considering the bags, pay special attention to the lines. If they are flat and made from strong thread, then this bag will not break even under severe loads.
Better to choose a bag lined with light and durable synthetic fabric (nylon, nylon). Of natural fabrics as the most reliable for this purpose is silk.
Pay attention to accessories. All fasteners and fastening handles should be metal. In the branded handbags handles are attached not directly to the bag, and through rings. The ring should not be too large, and the thong – a thin, otherwise such a handle will always pull over to the side, making you feel uncomfortable.
Especially carefully look at the metal fittings. If they are covered unevenly, then, the bag is of poor quality.
By the way, mind that a good bag should not have a lot of golden accessories.
Whatever bag you choose, it should please you, not only its appearance but also quality.